Progress Forward

Progress has always been in our vision of Beekay Group. Since the beginning, we keep garnering esteem for ourselves because of our effort towards community growth and thrust for evolution. Very shortly the organization has become synonymous to trust and regards in Siliguri. In the course of journey, we evolve. It is true that there was always a quench for emerging as a group. That makes us moving.

The wheels of this exciting journey began with association with globally famous automobile companies in SIliguri. After that, the bond gets stronger with more names such as BOSCH, Hero MotoCorp and TATA.

With the experience of serving with excellence, we thought of creating milestones in the hospitality industry. We developed Barsana Boutique Hotel in Topsia, Kolkata that has hit the mark of distinction with 45 rooms, a Banquet and Restaurant.

During the journey we have made a success of our Real Estate Venture with commercial projects in Siliguri. There are 4 renowned commercial projects in SIliguri that are testament of our quality development with architectural brilliance.
But we continually strive to further expand our contribution as an active industrial sector.

Visionaries at the helm

Mr Yograj Garg’s dream came into fruition with the formation of Beekay Group in the year 1969. His vision has made him an icon in the industry. Now the management is headed by Managing Director: Mr. Narendra C Garg; and Administrative Head: Mr. Gopal K Garg.


The determined attitude of Mr. Narendra C Garg has helped the company to shape the vision into possibilities. He believes that evolution is the key. With the changing challenge he finds opportunity. He analyzes trends and charters the path of the group.


Mr. Gopal K Garg is a fine blend of strategic business planning, and an expert head for spotting and working with exceptional talent has taken the Company to the next level. Establishing the credentials of BEEKAY GROUP as an enterprise that goes all out to adapt to change, to move into the new.

The words of the visionary

Work for prosperity of the society, [rovide service to people and look after your employees. If these are done perfrctly, you will get profits over your investments as an automatically generated by product. By misbehaving with customers, by cheating them and by resorting to unscrupulous means, you can earn some profit but the business would be short-lived.

-Mr. Yograj Garg

With God by my side, I have achieved success. But I would not stop working as in these days, I work not for myself or to earn more money but to contribute to the society and entire family of Beekay Group.

-Mr. Yograj Garg